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We’re always on the lookout for the most talented leaders, designers and developers.


Calling all Wonderlanders

We like to think Wonderland is all about the next generation of design, which means when it comes to our future, we want to make sure it shines bright. As design continues to infiltrate our day-to-day lives, we work across an ever-expanding number of mediums. So, we’re looking for people who can help us expand our studio, culture, and skillset to be as diverse as possible.

Careers at our studio are an opportunity to mould your passion for web design and development into a serious craft. We offer the chance to develop innovative products packed with purpose and personality, and all from the space of our pretty damn fly studio.


The Down Low

We pride ourselves on our humble size and tight-knit teams, so we only have a small amount of positions open at any one time. When applying, please include a link to your portfolio and a short description of yourself. We know how easy it is to crumble under pressure, that’s why we strive for our interview process to be as relaxed as possible. We’ll be looking for people who can have fun and be themselves whilst effectively articulating the ideas behind their work.

While we appreciate expertise in marketing and communications, please know that social media and seo/sea campaigns are not relevant to the work at our studio. The positions we offer are either internships or full-time and are located at our office tucked away in the heart of charming, old Amsterdam, NL.


Current Openings

UX Designer

We’re an award-winning, independent UX Design Studio that designs customer experiences for the web of tomorrow. We specialise in digital customer experiences. In other words, our thing is creating highly conceptual and visual designs that attract and convert customers.

Who are you?

We’re looking for a UX Desiger with love of good design to assist our team with designing and executing online experiences. We’re looking for an exciting and creative brain, with a bit of room for structure, that’s available full time. We want someone with a keen interest in design; someone who is eager to learn; and the kind of person who makes deadlines their bitch.

What would I be doing?

- Creating interactive, engaging digital experiences.
- Discussing and brainstorming proactively with the rest of the team to deliver the best possible digital product
- Supporting other the designers on projects.

This all sounds swell. What are the requirements?

- Pretty sweet English speaking and writing skills
- 1 year of proven experience creating websites / interfaces
- The ability to learn quickly
- Contribute to a culture of innovation and excellence.
- Enthusiasm for the digital design industry
- A strong portfolio or a stellar Dribbble will also do.
- Up-to-date knowledge of design best practices and emerging technologies

Pratical stuff

- Timing: Starting March/April
- Length: Full-time
- Location: Amsterdam
- Apply: careers@wonderlandindustry.com

Internship UX designer
1 January 2017

Submissions are rolling and we’re always happy to receive your application.

- Internships usually run 6 months.
- Start and end dates are flexible.
- We require a minimum of 40 hours per week (Monday-Friday).
- We compensate for your time with a fridge full of snacks and beers - oh, and starting rate of €500 per month.

How to apply
- Please do not include a cover letter, instead tell us a little bit about yourself in the body of your email.
- Tell us about yourself in one compelling sentence.
- Please include a link to your personal URL/portfolio.
- Share links to your social presences.

What we ask for
- Good candidates will have a strong background in UX design
- Understanding of interaction design
- You are highly proficient with tools such as Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator and have a familiarity with prototyping tools like InVision.
- Animation/Illustration skills are a plus.

Internship Front-end Developer
1 January 2017

- Internships usually run for 6 months.
- Start and end dates are flexible.
- We compensate for your time with a fridge full of snacks and beers - oh, and starting rate of €500 per month.
- If you’re not from these parts then securing housing is up to you, however we do know a few sites that can help you out.

What would I be doing?
- Creating responsive and accessible online experiences, namely websites, both on your own and as part of a team.
- Assisting and supporting other kick-ass developers and designers in their day to day work
- Helping develop and execute our online strategy.
- Proactively discussing and brainstorming with the rest of the team to deliver the best products possible.

How to Apply
- Please don’t include a lengthy cover letter, instead tell us three interesting things about yourself in the body of your email.
- Familiarise yourself with the Wonderland voice through our website, then think of an alternate tagline for our brand.
- Include a link to your personal URL and/or portfolio.

Let’s Work Together.
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