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The Cool Club is a deck of cards with a generous serving of class.


Art Direction / Product Design / Strategy

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The Cool Club is a collection of faces; a gathering of thinkers, makers and dreamers. The kind of people we want to go to the park and kick a football around with, the people we want to invite over for take-out pizza and a Mario Kart marathon, but most importantly, the people that inspire us to keep on killing it, every single day.

The Project

The Cool Club is a deck of cards with serious swag garnished with a generous serving of class. From influential thinkers who have helped shape the world we live in, to culturally iconic players of the field – whether it’s football legends or wicked womanisers – these 53 men are heroes. They’re the Wonderland heroes and we wanted to share them with our users.  

The Outcome

Thanks to our marketing and promotion efforts, we’ve sold over 2000 decks of Cool Club cards already and, by popular demand, we now have a women’s version in the works! The Cool Club cards have also been featured by Esquire, Playboy, Quote, ELLE, Het Parool and can be purchased from our online store here.

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