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Villebois Website

The clean online experience for wine brand Villebois.


UI & UX Design / Front & Back-end Development / Strategy

See it live Villebois website

Like most people, we share Villebois’ belief that quality wine is an extremely important part of life. So, we jumped at the chance to redesign their website - and not only because of the promise of free wine...

The Project

With a huge selection of awards under their belt, when it came to the product, Villebois had it nailed. However, to accompany their rapidly growing reputation, they were in need of a solid brand identity alongside a simple yet elegant online platform.

The Outcome

We created a clean, responsive online experience for Villebois with crisp, subtly interactive images against a simple yet effective layout. The user feedback has been incredibly positive so far, backed up by a sales increase of almost 40%. It’s safe to say this is one partnership we’re going to hold on to.

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