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UX Design & Strategy

Wonderland. is a UX Design Studio that designs customer experiences for the web of tomorrow.

  • 10 x Awwwards
  • 8 x CSS Design
  • 5 x FDI
  • 4 x Commarts

Oke, you’ve got my attention, now win me over.

Here at Wonderland, we understand that great UX design is the result of attentive discipline in design and development in order to recognise the best way to deliver products and experiences that ooze both purpose and style.

We’re the perfect fit if you want to:
- Build cool digital concepts to attract and convert users;
- Give your customers an effortless and enjoyable digital experience;
- Design and develop services for web, tablet and mobile platforms.


So, what do most clients commonly ask you to do?

We specialise in digital customer experiences. In other words, our thing is creating highly conceptual and visual designs that attract and convert customers. Our clients come to us in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through interaction with their product or service. An investment in good design equals good business, and the return on such an investment is everlasting.

Check out what we can do:

UX Experience

  • UI & UX Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsive Development
  • Motion graphics & Illustration


  • Research & Analysis
  • Site Audits & Workshops
  • Usability Testing
  • Prototyping

Alright I’m convinced, but how do you do this?

We completely immerse ourselves in the life of your brand and it’s potential users, and once we have mastered the motivation and needs of the customers, that’s when the real fun can begin.

We organise into small teams and work in sprints to quickly think up and examine multiple design hypotheses for functional prototypes. Each team consists of one team leader, whilst the rest is made up of designers and developers, and they run the show from beginning to end.


Nice! How do we start?

So, you’re ready to hit us up and create something amazing? Step into our office:

1. Workshop -> Jumpstart the process with new ideas and working prototypes.
2. Project -> Research, design, and implementation for a specific project.
3. Partnership -> Multiple projects and/or a long-term business transformation.

Just drop an email to @martijn and we’ll figure out the best way to get started!


The Team

  • Martijn
    Martijn Director + Design
  • Laurens
    Laurens Development
  • Richard
    Richard Design
  • Margarida
    Margarida Design
  • Chris
    Chris Legal
  • Rodoplhe
    Rodolphe Developer
Let’s make magic.
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