We made an Insta inspired shop with pop for Lizzy.

Le Cafe Noir Studio | Visit Site

Le Cafe Noir Studio is a newly founded Dutch fashion brand founded by Lizzy vd Ligt. Inspired by her lifestyle, she obtained ideas for her micro-collection of 12 pieces while traveling around the world visiting fashion capitals, festivals and her beloved island, Ibiza. Her signature style called for a good-looking webshop that was entirely unique, while complimenting Le Cafe Noir Studios brand image and attracting and converting customers. It needed to be memorable, with a finely tailored design, that was simple yet vibrant and suited its contemporary fashion vibe.

Using Lizzy’s Instagram feed, which was one of the brands main marketing channels, we researched her most popular posts and explored her extensive list of Followers. As a result we created three types of user personas which informed our design decisions in the weeks to come.

Using assets supplied by the client we developed a strong visual style. We took the brands logo, which feels a bit ‘Spooky’ and seeded the rest of the pages with a similar sentiment and added page transitions that evoked empathy.

To counter the haunted feel of the logo, we added adorable details such as your page filling with hearts whenever you put something in your shopping cart. The result was a contemporary, contradictory experience that compliments Lizzy’s vision for her fashion brand perfectly.