Tania gets a sleek tech solution to sell her jewellery online.

Tania Gleave | Coming Soon

Tania Gleave came to us asking for a fully integrated eCommerce experience that would reflect her brand and her creativity, without compromise.

Tania is experienced in unexpected, unorthodox pairings of natural materials. Tania’s jewellery uses combinations of sterling silver, brass, semi-precious stones, bone, horn, leather, carved ebony, cast and slab-poured resin. From this textural blend of materials comes the creation of her signature one-of-a-kind pieces. Each of Tania’s pieces is a unique expression of a creative process that can easily start with a chance glimpse of a rusted chain or an Indonesian ceremonial mask.

We knew from our initial conversation and first round of concepts that strong graphics, bold shapes and texture were important to our client and began exploring how to incorporate these into the design of a web-shop without it becoming chaotic.

eCommerce websites are not known for their slick interfaces, perfectly timed animations and experimental features, so we really wanted to push ourselves and prove it is possible to have a streamlined online shopping experience that is incredibly stylish.

We started with the initial visual design and then considered how to enhance the site by adding animation to illustrate the transformation of raw materials into stunning jewellery, without making the website sluggish.

A websites size is crucial to its performance, so we pushed ourselves to tailor and optimise the codebase to be as lightweight as possible, without skimping on the wow.

We decided to build all of the real-time graphics and animations from scratch ourselves, without importing huge libraries of code. We opted for WebGL and SVG to enhance the website with slick graphics. We wrote a series of WebGL modules that were coded from the ground up, that we use throughout the website, like video masking, slider transitions and page backgrounds, to make the shopping experience edgy, unpredictable and interesting.

Then we laboured slowly towards perfection. Due to the innovative nature of this site there were plenty of obstacles to overcome as this project progressed, often revising the art-direction or technical solution after realising an idea didn’t look good in reality. Sometimes, even if you plan well, you can’t anticipate how something will look or behave until you implement it technically. The result is a stand-out eCommerce site that suits Tania’s premium products.