techleap.nl launches new visual identity

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techleap.nl launched their new visual identity during CES Unveiled in Amsterdam. The identity reflects the ambitions of techleap.nl to make the Netherlands a 'unicorn nation' and the best ecosystem of Europe.

We worked with techleap to create their new visual identity, techleap.nl is positioning the Netherlands as the home base for tomorrow’s international technology leaders. We developed a visual identity that reflects the organisations bold ambitions for the Netherlands technology industry. The foundation of the new visual identity employs a bold graphic universe of geometric shapes to express the organisation’s role as the custodian of the Dutch tech ecosystem — the shapes and simple colour scheme can be reconfigured into visual devices to express growth, transformation, technological experimentation, networks and the Netherlands.

The logo employs an augmented geometric binary typeface to express the connection points of the thriving Dutch tech ecosystem and the adventurous spirit for technological innovation of the Netherlands. Director of techleap.nl, Nils Beers: “With our transition from StartupDelta to techleap.nl, we took a big leap forward last June. Our ambition is to create a climate in the Netherlands where unicorns can be created very easily and ambitious entrepreneurs can thrive and grow quickly. The new visual identity reflects that bold ambition.”

Following the launch of the new visual identity we will continue to work with techleap to create their new website, which will be launched at the end of January 2020, together with Techleap.nl’s first annual programme. For more information about the logo and the new visual identity, check out techleap.nl.