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In today's dynamic market, understanding where to focus your efforts is crucial for success. Our skilled strategists specialize in recognizing the most promising prospects and developing a custom, data-backed brand or creative strategy that aligns with your business.

Whether your goal is to attract your target audience, stand out from competitors, or enter new market sectors, our strategists employ thorough market research and innovative exploration to achieve your objectives. By leveraging their expertise, you can capitalize on lucrative opportunities and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

Discovery & Data Driven Research

In today's overly crowded and ever-evolving market, knowing where to play is critical. Through market research, we will identify key areas of opportunity within the market for your brand to capture and hold, while remaining differentiated and unique against competitor brands. Using data science and market research methodologies we can develop a deep understanding of your audience and identify growth opportunities.

Brand and design strategy for Liquid Labs.

Brand Strategy

Before we break ground on your branding project, whether starting from scratch or building on what’s already there, we will first dive into the thinking behind your mission, and begin devising a strong strategy from here. Combining our market research insights and our own strategic thinking, we will identify opportunities and develop a brand strategy to help your brand grow and evolve with your customers.

We strive to understand your goals for existing and new brands, your target audience, and the nuances of the environment you're in. We create a distinctive and persuasive position to make your brand relevant to the right people by merging data-driven insights with strategic storytelling.

This service is designed for brands and organisations, both new and existing, who want to create a new and meaningful brand experience and take their digital presence to the next level. Our experienced brand strategists and data-driven approach to audience understanding will help you create an effective brand strategy with a powerful message that resonates with your target audience.

Our approach to brand strategy.

Brand and design strategy for Drylaw.

Design Strategy

This service is designed for both established and emerging brands and organisations who have a clear brand strategy but need assistance in creating a visual representation of your brand.

Our team of experienced brand strategists and designers will conduct research to understand your goals, target audience, and the nuances of your environment. We will then use this information to create a visual identity that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your existing brand strategy.

Our approach to design strategy.

Creative Campaign Strategy

During a creative campaign strategy sprint, we strive to understand your goals, your target audience, and the nuances of the environment you're in. From here, we leverage your existing brand strategy to create an effective creative campaign that will peak your audiences’ interest, improve reach, and drive conversions. This service is designed for brands that have a clear brand strategy and identity established, but who need help translating this into fresh campaigns and activations.

Our approach to creative campaign strategy.

Data-Driven Analytics and User Research

At Wonderland, we find data crucial to inform our decisions, that's why we send you a data-backed report with a written strategy each month on where you can make improvements on your website, campaigns, and activations strategy.

This service is for brands with existing websites, who are seeking to gain a more comprehensive understanding of user behaviour and preferences, in-depth behavioural user research can provide invaluable insights into how your efforts can be improved.

Design Research and Testing

At Wonderland, we understand the importance of data-driven decision making for branding and visual identity. We believe that design and campaign creation should be based on actual research, and that's why we integrate data and research into all of our processes.

During a design research and testing sprint, we conduct audience interviews and surveys to learn how users perceive your brand — whether it be a new packaging, name, or visual identity. Through these, we are able to gain insights into how users perceive your brand, and identify patterns that can inform your branding and design choices.

At the end of our research process, you will receive a comprehensive research report that provides concrete answers to all of your research questions and that will serve as a guide for future decision-making.

Brand Health Check

We offer a comprehensive, data-driven health check to understand your market placement, audience, and the internal perception of your brand. We analyse how your current brand expression affects your brand reputation, employee engagement, and dictates your current market positioning. We provide an analysis and strategic recommendations for campaigns, UX/UI, social media, and current branding. You will leave with a report of clear action points to improve your branding, website, communications, and market position.

This is for brands that want to understand how their audience thinks, feels, and behaves. The study provides a foundation for strategic brand activities and can lead to refined strategy, branding, and brand activities like campaigns or digital projects. Leave with a report of clear action points to improve your branding, communications, and audience engagement.

Brand and design strategy for GENVID.

Why us

Wonderland is a creative studio specialising in design and brand innovation. We’re masters in creating brand experiences that do something different. That stand out. As our world changes at rapid speed - the evidence is all around us - we aim to work with brands that challenge the status quo and leave the world better than when they found it.

Through our data-led creative approach, we ensure that our clients can share memorable and purpose-driven experiences that cut through the noise and connect where it matters, all while leaving lasting impressions that form enduring connections between brands and consumers.

"One of the hardest things to find in a design agency is the ability to throw ideas out in fast succession and have them not only caught, but also embraced, filtered, and distilled into gems that can actually be implemented into a design. Wonderland are experts at this. They are the perfect mix of strategy + execution, and fun. The holy trinity for us. " - Shaun Singh | Founder and CEO of DTS

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