Experience design studio

Designed by feel. Backed by fact.

  • Founded: June 2015
  • Nationalities: 08
  • Status: Indenpently owned
  • Awards: 50+

Crafting connections

Beyond feel and intuition, we need knowledge to predict how humans will act. In today’s digital landscape, it takes meaning and emotion to craft true connection. That’s why every Wonderland experience is designed on more than a whim.

We engineer experiences that cut through the noise and make long-lasting connections by melding design sense with a sense of purpose. Through our insight-based approach, we’re helping brands create original, memorable and purpose-driven experiences. Wonderful.

Forging your future by navigating the now.

While we never stop looking ahead, behaviour change only occurs with a clear understanding of your state today. Before we design, our team conducts a thorough audit of what makes your audience feel. We then craft what we know will make them click. That way, you’re prepared for the unique challenges of today and poised to remain relevant – no matter what the future holds.


  • Brand experience

    Identity + Positioning
    Brand & Innovation Strategy
    Brand Messaging
    Guidelines & Systems
    Visual Language & Art Direction

  • Digital Design

    IA + Wires
    User research & testing
    eCommerce + Websites
    Digital Product + Services
    Prototyping & Optimisation

  • Content Production

    Content Strategy
    Video Production
    3D / Motion Graphics

  • Technology

    Technical Discovery
    Technical Architecture
    Full-Stack Development
    API & CMS Implementation
    Quality Assurance

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